FIFA Could’ve Done Better for Women’s Soccer

The other day I saw a tweet offering minor praise for Sepp Blatter, who was just re-elected to a fifth term as FIFA president. It was a reporter tweeting his colleague’s article in the New York Times.

Here’s the official NYT account’s tweet of the same article:

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Battle Royale With Cheese

$2 off every order. Responsive customer service. The Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries. This April Fool’s joke. On-demand food delivery service Eat24, recently acquired by Yelp, should be my first and last stop for ordering dinner.

How could you not give this company your money?

I go to Eat24 for funny, but I go to Seamless for food. This bothers me, both as a consumer and a marketer.

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Balancing creepy with helpful: A marketer’s view

I sign up for way too many newsletters. They come recommended by friends, co-workers, blogs and of course other newsletters.

This puts me in the top of the funnel for all sorts of products both relevant and not. All promise to make me better at my job.

In this post, I’ll walk through a few couple recent pitches and explore their effectiveness. Sales and marketing are intertwined. There’s little patience for sleazy sales pitches. Productivity trumps persistence. If you’re taking my time to show me your product, make it worth my while. I have a lot of respect for sales reps doing cold calls, demos, lead scoring and the works. It’s an intense, unforgiving business. It’s great to see more and more real pros who respect my time too.

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My Kryptonite

I spent the first decade of my working life as a journalist, most of that with The Wall Street Journal. As an editor responsible for keeping updated with the best and most relevant content, I kept tabs on all the news I possibly could. That meant frequent contact with our bureaus around the world, a few computer monitors, a full Tweetdeck, a bank of TVs set to the major news networks or sometimes cartoons, daily news meetings, our own site’s live metrics…

It dawned on me the other night. One thing I really love about my new job at CB Insights is that I get to deep dive in one subject area: private company data.

It’s a big change from constantly jumping from central bank meetings to elections and everything in between, not to mention launching new websites and running a team.

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