Mews: Pizza Cats? Pizza Hut Japan has them!

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Hi everyone,

We just came across these really cute and funny Pizza Cat adverts from Japan! A must watch! :)

It sure was an amazing idea of Pizza Hut to combine PIZZA with CATS as this covers probably about 99% of our population??? :D

The campaign sees the four-footed quartet – aka Tencho, Hime, Dora and Detch – running a Pizza Hut-inspired restaurant named Pizza Cats all by themselves.

Meet the cast of Pizza Hut Japan's new ad campaign...
These cats are running PIzza Hut now. Or at least they are in Japan. (Picture: Pizza Hut/YouTube)

We first meet them in the launch commercial – but there are now TWELVE of these featuring them showing off their restaurant-running talents. Do I dare to say I would like to hire them? Who wouldn’t a cuddly Pizza making gang at home!

Taking orders? Not a small task for cats!:

Oh and don’t forget the reports :O:

Floor cleaning Japanese style LOL:

And managing…

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Free 3D printing resources eBook!

Holy 3D printed livers, Batman! If you’re at all interested in 3D printing, spend some time with the smart people at 3DP4E (3D printing for everyone!). I came across them at NY Tech Day back in April, and signed up for their newsletter. The company is working to expand knowledge of this newish technology to the masses through their online community, articles and services database. There are great resources on the site and interesting articles in the newsletter. This free eBook (pdf) has lists of service providers, do-it-yourself kits and materials shops. 

While I have your attention, I’ll point out this awesome contest for kids — share it with your favorite little ones. They could win a printer…or an EA Games credit! 

Happy printing! 


When you say it like that…

So I was diving head-first into monkey-selfie research when I stumbled upon a rather developed definition of choreography vs. dance. It’s important to know the difference when there’s money on the line:

Choreographic works: The term “choreography” is derived from the Greek words “choreia,” meaning “dance,” and “graphikos,” meaning “to write.” A dance is a static and kinetic succession of bodily movements in certain rhythmic and spatial relationships and in relation to time and space. Choreography is the composition and arrangement of a related series of dance movements and patterns organized into a coherent whole. Choreography is not synonymous with dance. It is a discrete subset of dance that encompasses certain types of compositional dances. For example, the legislative history for the 1976 Copyright Act states that “‘choreographic works’ do not include social dance steps and simple routines.” See H.R. REP.NO. 94-1476, at 54 (1976), reprinted in 1976 U.S.C.C.A.N. 5659, 5667; S. REP. NO. 94-473, at 52 (1975).

The U.S. Copyright Office has a job to do, I know. The 1,222-page draft report “Compendium of U.S. Copyright Practices” released earlier this month is the first major update to the rules in more than two decades. Defining art forms is tricky business. A tip of the hat to Register of Copyrights Maria A. Pallante and friends for the effort. They really know how to cause beautiful creations to wither into dry definitions. Oh, the power of words. Thankfully, dance doesn’t have to be so black-and-white. In fact, that’s the joy of dance. You can be enamored by a ballerina’s strength and grace and then turn around to be astonished by a break boy’s super-human balance and flow. Whew, that’s some party you’ve been invited to! 





Turns out, the monkey selfie cannot be copyrighted. Tough luck for the photographer! But great that everyone can use this curious creature’s handiwork

In case you’re wondering, this Ars Technica piece explains the ruling from the copyright regulators about the “photograph taken by a monkey.” Isn’t it refreshing when non-humans get involved in very human matters like currency and ownership? 


A New Collection! Design Favorites

I plan to keep a library of what I find to be the greatest displays of design on the internet. Agree, disagree, fine by me. Today, a bit of fun with user registration and account admin. Nobody likes to fill in monotonous forms. , an experiment of the ever-opinionated Mediocre Laboratories, sparkles in this department. Let’s start with picking your username:

username FTW

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